Mark Hanna Watkins (1903-1976)

  • 1933 Ph.D. Anthropology; University of Chicago
  • 1930 MA Anthropology; University of Chicago
  • 1926 BA Education; Prairie View State College
  • Dissertation: A Grammar of Chichawa, A Bantu Language of Central Africa
  • Areas of Research: Linguistics, race relations, Africans, and African Americans
  • Selected Publications: “A place for anthropology in the Negro college.” Quarterly Review of Higher Education among Negroes 5:60-61 (1937); “The racial situation in Denver.” Crisis 52:139-140, “Race, caste, and class in Haiti.” Midwest Journal 1:6-15; “Some problems of morphemic boundaries (word division) in the writing Kiswahili.” In John G. Bordie, ed., National Conference on Teaching of African and Area Studies (1960); “Yoruba phonemics.” In M. Estellie Smith, ed., Studies in Linguistics in Honor of George L. Trager (1972)