Delmos Jones (1936–1999)

  • 1967 Ph.D. Anthropology; Cornell
  • 1962 MA; University of Arizona
  • 1959 BA; Anthropology; San Francisco State College
  • 1997 CUNY Graduate Center Professor Emeritus
  • 1998 Lifetime Achievement Award recipient (SANA)
  • Areas of Research: Northern Thailand, Australia, and Urban US
  • Selected Publications: 1970 “Towards a Native Anthropology.” Human Organization 29:251-259; “The community and organizations in the community.” In Leith Mullings, ed., Urban Anthropology in the United States (1987); “The culture of achievement among the poor: the case of mothers and children in a Head Start Program.” Critique of Anthropology 13(3):247-266; “Epilogue.” In Faye V Harrison, ed., Decolonizing Anthropology. Second edition (1997).